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Katakolon Tour to Ancient Olympia, Archaeological Site and free time for shopping

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Half Day [H/D] 3 1/2 hrs approx.

Visit from Katakolon port at adjusted timings to your ship’s stay, Ancient Olympia, situated at 35 km away. Olympia is the birth place of the original Olympic Games which took place between 776 BC to 393 AD. This tour takes you back to time through the magic of the preserved archaeological site revealing all the glory of the past times through masterpieces of ancient Greek architecture including the classic stadium. During this visit you will marvel the Temple of Zeus, which used to house the Golden Ivory Statue of Zeus [one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World], the “Vouleuterion” place of the oath of the athletes before the start of the games as well as other monuments. Olympia is one of the most important highlights of Greece without doubt.

After visiting the site and a short distance walk free time to the modern town of Olympia will be offered. Mix with the modern Olympians and become a part of this historical place. Shops and bars are there to make you feel like home. After free time, re-embark your luxury bus and get back to Katakolon port and your cruise ship.


without guide (Option 1)
2-3 people = 169 € total
4-7 people = 297 € total
8-11 people = 324 € total
12-14 people = 338 € total
15-17 people = 392 € total

with guide (Option 2)
2-3 people = 493 € total
4-7 people = 635 € total
8-11 people = 675 € total
12-14 people = 716 € total
15-17 people = 837 € total

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