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Olympia Archaeological Site

Olympia Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Olympia ranks among the most important historic sites of Greece. Here begun the ancient Olympic Games. The site incorporates all remains of the athletic premises used for the preparation and celebration of the Olympic Games, administrative buildings and other lay buildings and monuments. In addition every 4 years this is the starting place of the Olympic flame.

Exhibits, Monuments
Temple of Zeus, Temple of Ηera, Bouleuterion, Ancient stadium, Ancient gymnasium,  Palaestra, Leonidaion, Workshop of Pheidias, Theokoleon, Zanes, Philippeion, Echo Hall, The Metroon, Altar of Zeus, Altar of Hera, Prehistoric building, Pelopion, Nymphaeon, House of Nero, Baths, Heroon, Hostels, Leonidaion baths, Kladeos baths, Kronios baths, Olympia's Treasuries, Hippodrome  

Entrance fees
6 € adults
Children from EU countries free of charge

Opening hours
summer opening hours: APR-OCT 08.00-20.00
winter opening hours: NOV-MAR 08.00-17.00

Open :
daily, Monday - Sunday

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The Archaeological Site
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