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Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is a small museum situated at the entrance of Katakolon town [next to the train station]. The exhibition includes a collection of mechanisms and inventions from 2000 B.C up until 100 A.D. The museum is founded by Kostas Kotsanas. It is located at walking distance from the port [about 400-500meters depending on the starting point]. The museum offers audio-visual support for the better experience of the visitor. All museum’s items are explained by labels that come with, in English, but the the curator of the museum [upon request] can also offer a guided tour in both English and French.


Exhibits [among others]:

  • Automatic Opening of Temple Gates (the first building automation in history)
  • The “Static” automatic theatre of Heron of Alexandria (the first “cinema” in history)
  • The Alarm Clock of Plato (the first wake-up mechanism in history)
  • The Hydraulic Clocks of Ktesibios the first precise automatic clocks in history)
  • Heron’s Aeolosphere [the first steam machine in history]
  • The automatic maid (the first operating robot in history)
  • “Odometer” (the first road counter in history)
  • The Movable Automatic Theatre of Heron of Alexandria (the first scheduled automobile “puppet show” in history)
  • Crane With Winches for the elevation of mast and load (the first elevating mechanism in history)
  • Perpendicular Mycenaean loom
  • Ancient Greek musical instruments

And other items that will impress you for sure due to their early technology and sophistication.

Entrance Fees:
2€ per adult
Children free of charge

Opening Hours:
The museum has flexible opening-closing times that depend on the presence of any major cruise ship 
at Katakolon port

in order to benefit of the guided tour of the curator or assure that the museum will be open you can call at 0030 69 42 42 0 157 at 0030 26 210 22859 or just email to

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