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Katakolon Greece F.A.Q.


Opening hours:

Bank: No bank (ATM available)
Post office: 08.00-14.00 (Mon-Fri)


According to the cruise ship arrivals (Most of the shops are tourist shops)


On holidays the post office is closed

Are there telephone boxes at the pier:

YES. There are several telephone boxes near the pier.

Are there taxis available at the pier:

Yes (there is a Taxi station with many cars standing-by on the harbour area)

Are there shopping possibilities in the terminal:

YES-new duty free shops built in the terminal.
There are many shopping possibilities in the town of Katakolon (200m approx from the port area)

Nearest post office:


Nearest bank:

ATM in the port area or you can find all major Greek banks 13 Km from Katakolon in Pyrgos, the capital city of the region.

Nearest beach:

200m (“Plakes”) behind the port, or “Aghios Andreas” (3-4Km from the port)

Nearest internet cafe:

100-200m from the port in the town of Katakolon

Typical Souvenirs:

Pottery, statuettes, handcrafts, jewellery, local products [olive oil]

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